Projects and Promotions


Projects and Promotions

Here you will find Alicia’s upcoming creative projects. From plays to publications, you’ll find all the info you need here!


Event: Reflections on a Pandemic , 3.4.21 at 7:30pm Company: Studio Playhouse & The CCC Role: Playwright

Studio Playhouse and The CCC: Corona Collaborative Collective join forces to present an evening of 10-minute plays written by participants of Studio’s “Playwriting with Panache” class…Join us for eight original plays written by members of the New Jersey Theatre Community and co-produced by Studio Playhouse and The CCC!”

I’m so thrilled that my first project of 2021 is my playwriting debut! This January I joined Studio’s playwriting class, taught by E.Dale Smith-Gallo and it has culminated into a free night of theatre. As is All of the new works are unique and solid pieces of theatre. Tune in on March 4th, 2021 at 7:30pm for the debut of my play, “Sweatpants”, a story of body image issues, a mother-daughter relationship, hiding and atonement. You can get your free tickets at
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