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Here you will find Alicia’s upcoming creative projects. From plays to publications, you’ll find all the info you need here!

Event: Ocean Adventures!

Company: TSquared Production Company&Studio Playhouse

Date&Time: August 21, 2pm

Place: Studio Playhouse 14 Alvin Place, Montclair NJ

Tickets: $12 can be purchased here: https://studioplayhouse.org/tickets-ocean-adventures/

Role: Director

Description:”Summer is here, and you know what that means. Pirates, mermaids and seagulls, of course! We’re thrilled to be setting sail with Studio Players to bring you Ocean Adventures!, an afternoon of theatre featuring four new children’s plays with a nautical twist.”-TSquared

Note from Alicia: This is my first live theatre project since March of 2020. I’m so excited to work with two of my favorite theatre groups on this production.

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